A Slow Return

It has been quite a while since my last post – 8 months, actually. I deleted Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because I found that keeping up with them were draining life out of me. So much deceit and horrible behavior is online and at a time when our nation was ramping up for a Presidential Election, I simply did not want to continue seeing what was online.

There are times when we need to step back from things going on in life and reevaluate those things which are most important. The rapidly approaching season of Lent will help us to hopefully do that more. I am grateful that I was able to step back from most online activity and focus on myself and those that I love.

Thankfully, I have been personally protected from COVID-19 but that does not mean that my family, like so many others, has not be affected by it. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, a hope that some normality may begin to return in the next six months or so.

Although I have no desire to return to Twitter or Facebook anytime soon, I believe that a slow return to this blog can be beneficial. To oblates, old and new, you remain in my prayers. Please keep me in yours.