The True Face of Love

The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb

To what depths did God go to love us? Look above.

To what depths did God go to save us? Look above.

We sugarcoat the crucifixion. We are all very good at sugarcoating death, but if we are to truly understand the depths of God’s love for us we must look the dead Christ in the face.

Take your time, for his mouth is gaping wide and his eyes are not yet fully closed. His hands show sings of rigor mortis and his face is contorted with pain.

We know this isn’t the end of the story but too often we gloss over the reality of Christ’s crucifixion and death.

If we want to know the ways of God…Look above.

If we want to know how far God went to bring us to himself…Look above.

Don’t gloss over it because it is vile. Gaze into the shattered face of Christ, caress his broken body and touch his green hands and feet.

We cannot begin to fathom the depths of God’s love until we first allow his lifeless eyes to gaze back at us. When we do, we begin to see the depths God plunged himself into so he might recklessly give himself away.