Throw a Wrench

Too much vitriol consumes our world. It’s also consuming a lot of our Church.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the hatred which so easily flows from peoples mouths. It’s exhausting and destructive, regardless of what “side” it comes from.

We so easily vilify anyone or anything that is different from ourselves. It certainly must be lonely up there on our pedestal.

The past few months, years, begs the question…”what the hell is going on?”

I have neither the time, energy, or competence to adequately answer that question but I do know the solution.

We stop. That’s it. We just stop. You would think as adults we know that. You would think as adults we would have learned that infantile behavior is well, stupid and childish. But, I’m wrong. We haven’t.

To LIBERALLY quote St. Benedict, we need to shut up for a moment, go to our rooms, and listen to the only voice that really matters.

If the creator of the universe only spoke one word – Christ – than maybe we should have him on our lips before we ever think of speaking another word again.

Christ calls us to break the cycle of violence. He calls us to throw a wrench into the destructive words and actions we see too often today.

Maybe, just maybe, we should sit in our rooms, turn off the TV, close our mouths, and listen.

It might not seem like much but it is one way we can throw a wrench in the middle of a world which seems to be collapsing in on itself because too many people can’t keep quiet.

On that note, I will take my own advice and end here.