Looking at life with open eyes

Getting older isn’t much fun. Soon I’ll turn 46. I’m grateful that I am alive and in good health. But this time also brings things into your life such as my mom being diagnosed with breast cancer.

You are forced to face the mortality of your parents and yourself. When my parents go to God, I must realize that I’m next. This is disturbing.

Saint Benedict tells us in Chapter 4 of his Rule to “keep death daily before your eyes.” I never really thought much of death until recently. It is something I need to focus on.

There are a lot of wonderful things that come with getting older, yet one is forced to look sickness and death in the face.

St. Benedict’s practice of keeping death daily before our eyes is a practice that should be done, because if we can face death with peace and the knowledge that we will be with God then we can accept what lies ahead.

How should an oblate react to things like sickness and death? We must realize that if we believe that God exists and the perfect place is to be with him, then we should not weep much over the loss of others or our own sickness because heaven awaits us when we close our eyes to this world.

Thanks be to God!