The Incarnation is Everything

Mass at midnight seems odd to many but it is only so to those who do not understand the Church.

The long awaited time has come for the Messiah to appear. Century after century has longed for him and the earth can no longer wait. At the stroke of midnight, the very moment Christmas Day begins, the Church must cry aloud, “he is here…come let us adore him!”

So many reasons come to mind as to why God chose this way of redeeming us. When the word of God, that one word spoken by the Father took on our flesh God for the first time could truly understand what it was like to feel, taste, see, smell, and love with a human heart.

The incarnation allowed God to understand us by experiencing things as we do. The inevitable consequence of the incarnation turned out to be the sacraments, for in them God allows us to touch, taste, smell, and hear him in ways he now knows we need and understand.

God becoming like us opened up for us a way to become like him and to directly share in his divine life. Our lives as Catholics and especially as oblates should always be focused on the incarnation for it is the first cause of so many joys we have in the faith.

Without the incarnation – dare I say – we would not have the sacraments. Without the incarnation we would not have the liturgy. And without the incarnation we would not truly have the understanding that God loved us in such a profound way that he chose to experience life just as we do.

St. Leo the Great reminds us, “Christian, remember your dignity!” The incarnation is the reason we have any worth and it is the reason we thank God on this most solemn and silent night.