Community with the living and the dead

Community comes in a variety of ways and it is something which is intrinsic to the Benedictine way of life. Family, friends, coworkers and fellow oblates help form the community I’m a part of. The same can be said for most others.

We forget that there is a community of faith within the Church – the Church Militant, Church Suffering and Church Triumphant. The month of November helps to remind us that other members of the Church – those who have died and are in purgatory – depend on us.

Death cannot break the bonds of community life. In a certain real way it strengthens them. Although no longer present on this earth, our brothers and sisters see God face to face. Some may need the assistance of our sacrifices and prayers while others stand before God. Do we really think they forget us? Quite the contrary!

Too often we forget those who have died and are in need of our prayers. We do a disservice to those who have completed their earthly life when we do not remember them in prayers.

Praying for the living and the dead is an act of charity and an act of mercy. It also reminds us of our own mortality and that we too may very well one day rely on the prayer of others.

Community definitely comes in many ways, shapes and forms. The Holy Souls ask that we not forget that they too are a part of that community which helps to form us.

May the souls of the faithful departed Rest In Peace!