Enough Said – it’s what we need!

“Let us do what the Prophet says: ‘I said, I will take heed of my ways, that I sin not with my tongue: I have set a guard to my mouth, I was dumb, and was humbled, and kept silence even from good thing’ (Ps 38). Here the prophet shows that, if at times we ought to refrain from useful speech for the sake of silence, how much more ought we to abstain from evil words on account of the punishment due to sin.” (Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 6)

Words can definitely be good but we see that they can quickly turn into evil and sin. St. Benedict reminds us that our words have effects and consequences. We see this happening in our country today. Vile insults and name calling is bad in itself. It has no place in society or the church. It is not nor shall it ever be acceptable.

Restraint in speech must come from all sides. We cannot justify what is being done today simply because we think we are in the right – politically, ideologically or morally. It is better that one keep quit and pray then self-righteously proclaim to the world own goodness and the bad we may see in others.

Our country and our church are filled with this attitude. It has infected many to the detriment of all. One day our words will condemn us and it appears that day is arriving at our doorsteps quicker than we might think.

True conversion of our country and our church starts with us closing our traps so we at least try not to add to the disruption and distress we see around us. Nothing will ever get done if we first can’t shut up.