New Benedict(ines)

We live in a time that is filled with chaos. Truth is replaced by the days latest fad, faith has been lost to the “new age” and life is continually threatened by the culture of death. In a very real way we live in times not unlike St Benedict himself.

To often our society seems to be collapsing in on itself while many “saviors” seek to tell us how we change it. Politics seeks to repair that which it helped tear down while the Church appears to be tearing at its seams through scandal after scandal.

No system can help heal the damage caused by sin. A deep conversion – in the world and the church – is desperately needed and it is my belief that the monastic orders are being called to help usher in a reconversion of the church and the world.

Benedictines helped save western civilization over 1,500 years ago and they are called to be on the frontlines of saving it today.

Our world needs holy men and women who can bring Benedictine values into a world filled with sin and strife. I am confident that this is why we see the Benedictine oblate vocation growing throughout the world.

The church and the world are crying out for a new Benedict which can lead it back to the gospel. Maybe, just maybe this is slowly being done by the great increase of Benedictine oblate vocations we see today. And maybe, just maybe God is calling you to be a new Benedict(ine).

That in all things he may be glorified!