A Life Worth Living

To be set on fire with the love of God – this is what our vocation as Benedictine Oblates calls us to. Everything we do – the promises, the Divine Office, the practices, the Rule – all lead us to the love of God if only we allow His Spirit to penetrate our hearts and souls.

It is to easy to go through the motions of life and this is no less true for oblates. So much of our time is consumed by work, family and friends not to mention the difficulties of illness and the other struggles we meet.

There have been to many times in which I have found myself having said the Office without really knowing what I had just prayed. To many times have I met others without recognizing Christ’s presence in them. And to often I have placed far to much trust in myself instead of God.

My mind and heart are certainly not fully converted from the world. Many times I find myself asking how I should act or respond to a situation with St. Benedict’s Rule as my guide. Far more often I find that the world is still grasping at my heart and I respond in ways that may not speak positively to my vocation as an oblate.

The vocation of being a Benedictine Oblate is one which calls us to seek God – plain and simple. Nothing else really matters. I’m finding more and more that I must slow down and be present to the tools which St. Benedict offers us who wish to follow in his footsteps. Being more present to the Divine Office, continually having before my eyes the promises I made years ago, and keeping the Rule within my heart might not always be easy but it is certainly needed.

The Benedictine way of life is not easy nor should it be. It calls us to rethink just about everything in life and to respond with a generous heart. The thirst for God is never fully satisfied this side of heaven but being a part of the Benedictine family surely helps quench that thirst if we put into practice all that our Holy Father Benedict has instructed us.

May he pray for us on this Feast of Pentecost!