Let Us Comfort Him

Feet have been washed, Eucharistic love has been instituted and Life is preparing to die. Jesus is arrested, Peter denies, and the world condemns. Great silence falls over the Church and the world as the tabernacles are emptied, Christ is imprisoned, and a Mother’s heart breaks.

This night is filled with a sense of wonderment, anxiety and pain. What will come tomorrow but the death of Him who gives life to the world? Our Lord sets in prison with the thoughts that tomorrow all sin will rest upon His shoulders.

Thorns which He created crown His divine head. Men which He will redeem spit in His face. Friends He has loved pretend they do not know Him. And yet His heart is full of love.

A restless night it will be. Worries for His Mother rush through His mind. Feelings of betrayal break His sacred heart. I AM thinks for a moment what it feels like to become NOT.

Sitting with Him in silence, our hearts are full of sorrow. Nothing can console us or His Mother. No sorrow has ever come upon earth like His sorrow. Tomorrow all shall be consumed in divine love, but tonight the weight of it all comes crashing down.

Jesus, let us spend this night with you if only to comfort you.