Notre Dame, pray for us!

Today the Church and the world have suffered a great loss. The Cathedral of Notre Dame has been decimated by fire. The loss of this great edifice is a reminder to us that all can be lost in a brief and unexpected moment.

It is especially difficult for this to happen during Holy Week. We inevitably have to ask ourselves why God allowed this to happen and why at this time? Although there may be numerable human explanations, we as people of faith must try to go deeper and understand why God willed or allowed this to occur. What is he saying to us? Maybe he is suggesting that in these troubled times within the Church and the world we need to turn to Our Lady all the more!

Our Lady (Notre Dame) is the surest and quickest way for us to grow closer to Christ. It is she who calls us time and again to focus on those things which are important. She reminds us that at times we must endure great pains in the hope of being cleansed of sin.

Notre Dame always leads us on the path of conversion, always assures us that we are loved, and always reminds us what the pascal mystery is about – suffering, death, and resurrection.

If we turn to her, if we pray to her, if we keep her close to our hearts we will know that although at times we must endure suffering, it will never have the last word. The edifice might stand tall while the insides are gutted but this is so that it might become a more worthy dwelling place for that which makes it holy – the Trinity.

The voices of many Parisians heard this night singing the Ave Maria reminds us that in great tragedy and seeming defeat, we must turn to Our Lady who never fails.

Notre Dame de Paris, pray for us!