Entering Deeply Into This Week

Holy Week has begun and it calls us to delve a little deeper into the liturgy of the Church so that we might experience with Christ the saving events done by him so long ago.

The only response to this week can be silence so that we might better understand and participate in the pascal mystery that plays out in the Liturgy of the Hours and Masses of this week.

The Church is at her best when she proclaims Christ in her liturgy and this time shows her beauty more then any other.

Holy Week calls us to experience with Christ the triumph of Palm Sunday, the fear, pain and anxiety of the passion, the loneliness of laying in the tomb, and the great joy of the resurrection.

More then any other time of the year we should seek to enter deeply into the mysteries the Church offers us in her liturgy. The great cosmic drama of the pascal mystery envelopes our souls if only we allow the liturgy to play out in and through us.

May Holy Week lead us ever closer to Christ!